Using Jorge Luis Borges' short story The Book of Sand, I designed as well as binded a softcover book. I was inspired to utilize the emotional aspects of the story to design the book entirely through typography rather than explicit imagery. 


8 weeks


publication design
book binding
expressive type 

The Context

For this project, my publication design class was tasked to design a book using Jorge Luis Borges' "The Book of Sand". I challenged myself to express the narrative strictly through typography and layout choices, leaving out any photographs or illustrations. I wanted to push the boundaries of typographic color and imagery to see how well I could deliver the experience of the words and the feelings that they evoke. This project was also special because I learned how to make books with paper, some tools, and my hands. Learning this process opened my eyes to reconsider my craftmanship with not only this project but with everything else I will ever design in the future.